CoFounders: Franklin and Kush

Helping Local Businesses During the Pandemic

When the local brick-and-mortar shops that once bustled with familiar faces became wistfully empty, Tartan Technologies sought to enliven these business’ digital storefronts.

Co-founders Franklin Tan, a business information systems student at NJIT, and Kush Amin, an economics and mathematics student at Rutgers University, are the heart behind the company. They formed the website development business, Tartan Technologies, as a means to help small New Jersey businesses in 2018. Now more than ever, their initiative is needed.

“I’m really excited for the work we do because it has a direct impact on the communities I grew up in,” Tan explained. Tan, a native of Summit, and his recruited team of current and recent college graduates have been putting their studies to use by revitalizing the digital presence of local businesses in NJ. 

The work that the company does is represented in its name. In the late 19th-century, small ships called Tartans carried out essential services across the Mediterranean to enrich the communities nearby. Their purpose is akin to the role Tan plays in the company.

Tan and his team pride themselves on listening and catering to their clients’ specific needs. They are well equipped and knowledgeable in HTML5/CSS3, graphic design, wireframing, protocols, and much more. This yields a flexible dynamic to develop a meticulous plan to reach a business’ benchmarks.

They offer packages starting at a basic website ranging to building a custom website filled with integrations and next level features. The process starts with professional templates that do not only look aesthetically pleasing, but are optimized for search engine rankings. The SEO is amplified through research and development that drives the UI/UX design. In other words, the website will read as relevant and user-friendly, therefore favored by search engines.

Furthermore, Tartan Technologies implements lead generation features so that businesses can utilize their website to the fullest potential. Newsletter pages are a recommended addition to your site for traffic growth. Then, chat box features and contact forms are integrated to create an experience optimal for collecting new leads. This set-up will aid in converting traffic to new customers.

Maintaining client relationships is arguably even more important than generating new ones. That’s why Tan also offers features for nurturing customer relationships. Installations including HubSpot CRM, MailChimp, and log-in client databases are essential for strengthening bonds with clients in order to grow repeat sales.

Throughout the process of working with Tartan Technologies, they keep their clients up-to-date every step of the way. The company values transparency and clearly conveys the impact of its work. Clients can easily track their objective metrics and ROI through the Google Analytics integration provided by the company. Their clients can see sustainable growth in conversions, impressions, and return rates.

Many small businesses have vocalized their appreciation for Tartan Technologies. Here’s what they’ve had to say:


“The customer service is simply impeccable! I had Tartan build my e-commerce site and each time I reached out they were very accommodating and great to work with.”
Patricia Muller


“My website was outdated and because of that, I wasn’t able to get the sales I wanted to get. With Tartan’s help, I was able to reach the milestone I set and I was very happy with the outcome.”
Michael Clark


“I run a non-profit company in Hoboken, and I didn’t know the importance of having a website until they reached out to me. Stellar work!”
Kent Milestone


The passion Tan and Amin have for helping local businesses is the wind in the company’s sail. They’re ecstatic to continue navigating their client’s to success through well-designed websites.

Other members of the crew include Christiene Darquea, of Brigham Young University, Emily Warshowsky, of Tulane, and Allison Freese of Fashion Institute of Technology.